Betsy Knapp Hypertufa

About Betsy

Betsy Knapp has been designing and building rock gardens and hypertufa planters for over ten years. Her work has been showcased at venues such as the Philadelphia Flower show, Rochester’s GardenScape, the Martha Stewart Show and many Rock Garden Society conferences.
The Summer 2010 BH&G Special Publication Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living has a 6 page spread called ‘Tiny Landscapes’ which is all about Betsy, her garden, her planters, and her tips on growing in hypertufa.


Photos of her work has appeared in magazines such as Horticulture magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. Her troughs are featured in the New York Botanical Garden rock Garden. In the Rochester area, Betsy builds hypertufa troughs and tufa gardens for Bristol’s Garden Center.
For information and prices, contact Betsy at
796 South ave. Rochester, N.Y.14620,

bristol's 009Hypertufa ball planter displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Show.


10 Responses to "About Betsy"

Wow! Love your work! This web page is very neat! It was great talking to you, hope to see you soon! kb

Hi Betsy ! Karen told me about your great visit. She was so excited to talk with you. She also sent me your web site. You
look great !!!! and I love your work ! Congratulations on having
such success ! You are sooooo talented. I would love to see you at the reunion, but I will be going to Disney with my son and his
daughters. I will be at the parade on Friday. Hope you can make it. If not, take care, happy and healthy life to you !!!!!!

Hi Betsy,

Thank you for the pricing. I’m planning on taking it to the picnic. The containers I have are:
1. Square top 3″, Tall about 4 1/4″
2. Square top 3″, Tall almost 4″
3. Round top 3 1/2″, Tall 3 3/4″
4. Oval Top 2 1/2″x 3 3/4″, Tall 4 1/4″
5. Round top 2 3/4″, Tall 2 1/4″ (very small)
6. Oval top 2 3/4″x3″, Tall 2″ (very small)

All extremely adorable!

Karen O’Meara

Hi Betsy!! Karen shared the magazine article with me; your gardens and hypertufas are fabulous!!! You look great, and I’m so happy to hear you’re coming back for the reunion–can’t wait to talk to ya in person!! See you in September!!!!! Janet

Hi Betsy! Janet gave me your info on your website. Your website is very interesting. I have never heard of the hypertufa that you make. I am not a great gardner but I try to add to the interest of our “landscaping” and find the hypertufa quite beautiful. It is evident that you are quite talented and of course successful! When we were in high school I knew you would do something interesting and succeed at whatever that was and I was right! I understand you are coming to the reunion. I have not seen you since high school and look forward to visiting with you! Take care . . .Terry

So very glad you are coming to the reunion. I sure
hope you will join us in the parade. Last yer we had
a blast. We all look forward to seeing you at our
reunion, it’s been too long!
I like Terry had never heard of hypertufa but I find it
See you in September.

I have always loved your work!

Hi Betsy – love this!! I added the link to my facebook page (just got on) as I got my own notebook (& kindle) from Joe @ Christmas. Keep up the great work. I bring my trough in for the winter (living room) and have little herbs & a mini tree in it with some nice rocks. Change it up for spring/summer/fall with some mini flowers added. Hope all is well. Joey’s wife’s Mom died this week; service today. They are doing o.k. Hi to Rob!!

Betsy makes the very best troughs and trough feet in the world.

I ‘ve just returned to Scranton, Pa. from the Philadelphia Flower Show. I
fell in love with your work and thought it was the best work there! i’d like to purchase a piece since I have an inner city , tiny backyard which
I have converted into a oriental rock garden. I’m off to your email now!
Cheers, Francine

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